Multimedia Journalism: Useful Links

Some great tips and suggestions from Adam Westbrook, an online and entrepreneurial journalist,  about what to do and what to avoid when it comes to telling a story through online video.

This is a blog made by Mark S.Luckie, author of the Digital Journalists Handbook. Similarly to Mastering Multimedia the blog offers great tips and examples of projects worth looking at.

Learning it is not just about reading posts but also looking at other peoples’ work. This is website has a collection of multimedia projects worth to look at.

Again, a great website with tips. If you are doing an audio slide show it is worth looking at this tips.

As the names says, this blog is all about about and to use it. Great post about what makes a good audio slideshow and the do’s and don’ts.

This blog has been a reference throughout this project. It is simples and has amazing tips for audio slideshows and online video.

This is a great website to get feedback for your project and watch goos examples of independent work. It also includes a forum to get answers to your questions and vice-versa.

A great and fun place for everyone to learn how to make video. Also you can take a look at the projects for inspiration.

Read this e-book if you are shooting with a DSLR.

Every step to make a video.

If you are doing audio slideshows or online video here is a great tutorial for composition. It is worth looking at.

As the name says this website offers tutorials and how to’s. Again if you want to learn basic tips about audiovideo, blogging this is very useful and organised.

If you want a good website of tutorials this is the one to go. Audio, Video, Visualizations, Social Media…it has a lot. For audio and video I recommend the following tutorials:

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