Ideas for Projects

I really liked Adam Westbrook’s post about 30 free ideas for multimedia producers and digital storytellers. Sometimes I have a lot of ideas but I ended up writing them down in strange places.

That is why I decided to start writing some ideas and good concepts for multimedia projects. Also, it is a good brainstorming exercise.

So, let’s start:

  • “If I was God I would…” – Remember when I told you about Someone Once Told Me? It can work with the same concept. People can write what they would do if they were God.
  • What would you like to read in the newspaper tomorrow? – It can work with the same concept as the previous one or you can turn it into a video clip with nice music, with people writing what they want to to read in the newspaper.
  • A cool grandmother – If you know a cool and cute grandmother with a nice story why not bet on an audio slideshow? You can focus on a lot of topics: when she left her parents home, how people dressed back then, her marriage, how she learned how to cook…the possibilities are endless
  • Cliches of…– If you live in a city/town with a lot of tradition and history, try to photograph or record typical places in a different perspective.
  • Look for typical markets – it can be a bit cliche but markets are good places full of colours, sounds, history and people with interesting stories. E.g: a woman that is working in the market for more than 20 years.

Do you have more ideas? Let’s hear it!

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