Guest Post: Shooting with a DSLR

Franzi Baehrle, from Germany, is a video journalist and a former MA Online Journalism student at Birmingham University. Here she blogs about shooting with a DSLR camera and how it has been her work with it. : CanonEOS 550D : CanonEOS 550D


Why I’m shooting my videos with a DSLR?

Two years ago, I bought myself a Canon EOS 550D DSLR. What for? To shoot pictures, get started in photography instead of running around with a point-and-shoot only. I was already working as a video journalist that time, but never thought about using my new DSLR for that cause. This changed when I by chance found out that the DSLR does not only provide a great picture, but also video quality. I never thought I would soon own a proper high quality video camera, similar to those I was working with during my VJ trainee at a TV station – they just were too expensive. And it never came to my mind to shoot videos with a DSLR.

Since two years I’ve been working with my DSLR now – and was never disappointed. I’m shooting in HD and got all the functions I need. I now have three lenses I’m working with, a decent tripod, everything packed in a professional, comfortable backpack to take it wherever I want to go. That’s one thing I love about shooting with a DSLR: Your equipment is much lighter – I even took mine to New Zealand ( and never suffered from carrying it around all the time. At the moment I’m even taking two cameras with me, in addition to the lenses, a tripod, some accessories and a laptop.

What I don’t like about my camera is the poor sound, I’m always carrying a additional audio recorder with me which I’m using for interviews, synchronizing sound and images afterwards.

I haven’t thought about getting a different camera at all, apart from another DSLR. I got everything I need, I can take it wherever I want, I can film from nearly every position without being limited by a big camera in my hands. And I didn’t have to spend a fortune for this. Sure, you can spend a fortune here…Step by step I will also keep on upgrading my equipment, speaking of additional lenses, a better DSLR one day, more additional stuff (a slide, a rig etc.).
But I was ready to start shooting high quality pictures without having to invest thousands of euros first.

It’s actually getting more and more popular to use DSLRs for videography. If you wanna learn more about it, I’d recommend this ebook ( which you can download for free.

Franziska Bährle

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