I Follow…Do you?

Since I stared my Masters I started to realise the importance of Twitter for my professional profile.  I decided to come up with the list of the digital faces to follow on twitter:

Film maker, digital producer, lecturer and multimedia journalist.

Lecturer and social media consultant. Writes the Online journalism blog @ojblog. Great tips!

Journalism professor, blogger, author and manager of BuzzMachine.com @@BuzzMachine

Online  journalism lecturer and online video specialist with a twitter stream for @digidickinson links: @linkydickinson

Author of the Digital Journalist’s Handbook and founder of the 10,000 Words blog.

Specialist in video blogging, mobile blogging, social media, digital storytelling…basically, almost everything. Updates his twitter feed constantly.

He is the face of Portuguese Digital Journalism. Skills:  Non-Fiction Multimedia Storytelling,  Digital Media, Documentary

 Multimedia producer at The Spokesman-Review newspaper (@SpokesmanReview) and author of the the blog Mastering Multimedia.

And finally…

Online Journalism MA Student at Birmingham City University. Interested in video, audio, well pretty much everything. Author of themultimediajournalist.wordpress.com

OK, I am kidding…but it was worth a shot!

More lists with great journalists to follow on twitter:

20 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Student Journalists

Great people for journalists to follow on Twitter

10 Twitter users that every journalism student should follow

Who else do you recommend?

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