Fast Guide to Audacity

This post is part of a series of How to do an Audio Slideshow

Audacity is a very popular audio editing tool. The best thing? It is completely free.

There are a lot of Audacity tutorials on Youtube but I strongly recommend the one made by Mindy McAdams. Is quick and easy to follow. If you already know how to work with Audacity it doesn’t hurt to take a second look if you have doubts.

I decided to make a mini tutorial with the links and the tutorials provided by Mindy. So here is a super fast guide to Audacity:

  1. Download Audacity
  2. Get the Lame Encoder other wise you won’t be able to export your final project in MP3. In the Super-Fast Guide to Audacity and the video tutorial Mindy McAdams explains what to do.
  3. Just in case, download an audio converter because Audacity doesn’t accept WMA files. If you have WMA files you have to convert them first. Here is a small list of some audio converters:- Switch Audio File Converter Software
  4. After downloading Audacity and before you open your audio file set up the preferences according to this file.
  5. Watch the video tutorial with Audacity’s Basic Principles for editing audio. Also, if you prefer you can read the audio editing guide that is split in two parts: a simple and basic guide to edit audio and a more detailed guide. Advice: Try both.
  6. Learn how to edit multitrack audio.
  7. Export your file!

More on Mindy McAdams audio tools:

Journalists’ Toolkit – Audio Resources

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