Tips to make an Infography

Infographics are a great way to explain and explore complex information in a clear and visually appealing way.

Besides the data, to make an infographic you should have a plan of how to present your information. Here are some tips to help you with your infographics:

Choosing the Font

Choosing the right font is very important and the best way is too see the actual font on an infographic before you start. You can look for infographics that actually focus on typography to help you visualise it.

Colour Scheme

We have to take colours in consideration and determine which colour scheme to use. Mixng wrong colours can really affect the effect on your visual representation. E.g: Let’s say that you want to use blue in your infographic. Check the colours that match with blue. There are websites that can help you with that.

Be clear

Your infographic should tell a story with pictures/graphs and use text as a secondary source. You can use text to small explanations but don’t depend on it. Also, be concise and don’t lose sight of the idea you want to get across.

The key is to build the data right into the infographic and don’t make the readers have to work hard to understand the information.

Be transparent

This aspect is more technical but cite the sources and appendix the spreadsheet with your data. If you check every data visualization has a spreadsheet attached with more information and with the sources as well.

Be accurate and attractive

This means that you should visualise with the way you organise your information. And as it is a data visualization…well, do I need to say more? It has to be attractive. Include different elements (icons, pictures, maps, graphics) and mixed them together with creativity.

See a lot of infographics

A good way to start and to to evolve is to look at other people’s work. Websites such as, Information is Beautiful or Cool Infographics have plenty of inspiring pieces. Pinterest is also a good place to look to creative infographics. A good idea is to save the infographics you find most important.


Planning is very important. Imagine how you would like to see an infographic and go from there. Use paper as a guideline if it helps. Don’t worry you don’t need to be the master of drawing to do so.


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