The best websites for data visualizations

In the era of data journalism there are more and more websites and blogs with useful information. For the last months I have follow some blogs and here is my compilation the ones to visit:

1. Cool Infographics

This is probably my favourite website. It highlights examples of the best visualizations and infographics around everywhere: newspapers, magazines, blogs etc. Basically everything is cool: the name, the blog, the visualizations.

2. Information is Beautiful

This blog created by David McCandless features his best data visualizations. David is a british data journalist and information designer with a lot of good tips.

3. Information Aesthetics

This website was created by Andrew Vande Moere’s and focus on the most incredible and creative infographics around the world. Is is amazing for inspiration if you really care about design.

4. Visual Journalism

Visual Journalism is a website that puts forward the importance of visualizations in modern journalism. The best way to describe it it would be: show me, don’t tell me!

5. Guardian’s Data Blog

This blog is probably the front-end for an amazing library of statistics and data; it is the state of art in data journalism in the UK. If you are doing data or looking forward to learn more about it you definitely have to be a regular visitor.

The infographics are not so creatively (that is not the point) appealing but you learn a lot about how to work with numbers and how to write articles around charts.

Ok…these are my choices. What about yours?

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